Hi, I'm Andrew!

Through play we have the courage to explore new digital worlds.

My skills


I love developing games as much as I love gaming. From designing game mechanics to writing the code, I like doing it by my hands.


Since 2019 I've been learning python and improving my skills. In 2020-2021 I graduated from Yandex Lyceum as one of the top students. Sometimes it was challenging, yet fun to work with this language.


As a talentless hand-painter I enjoy making 3D artwork. A simplistic, yet colourful scenes are my go-to.

Truth off my chest

To this day, my favourite genre is and will be sandbox games. At the age of 7, I fell in love with "Little Big Planet 2". The best thing about it was the level constructor. With multiple props and logic gates, it had endless imaginative possibilities. I spent hours watching constructor tutorials and creating my levels, gaming assets and props. Hands down, one of a kind gaming experience for me.

So, as the years came through I've been actively practising in Unity, C#, Python, Blender, Photoshop and many other tools, to create my own worlds! I've been participating in:

  1. Game conventions like "White Nights" (as a visitor) and "Starcon" (as a developer).
  2. Game jams… Actually, won a few. For example, "Banana Game Jam 2019".
  3. Group projects. During and after "Yandex Lyceum" years I've collaborated with my friends to work on different coding projects.
  4. Internships. From 2020 and up until this moment I enjoyed working in "Brickworks Games" and other companies.



Unity & C#



Final cut pro

My portfolio


Hundreds of hours have been spent on gamedev and artwork as you can see on these pictures. My biggest game demo was "Gnossienne". Although it was pretty compact, it was a huge creative blast for me. Today I'm more focused on my visuals, so I practice Blender from time to time.


From 2019 I had internships from time to time. My most ambiguous internship was at the Brickworks Games as a game and level designer. Some of my works can be seen in the published projects!


I'm lucky to have offers in freelance. From every project I work on, I try to get as much experience as I can. Some of my previous freelance works are Ultimus Bellum and a mod of python library Pyfiberamp.

Other things about me


Having an electric guitar is a big joy in the family. I use FL studio and my handy Squier to create soundscapes.

Yandex lyceum

This course gave me a solid base to get into any other programming lagnuage and framework. Yandex is still one of my favourite IT companies and I geniunely admire them. Graduating from their cousre as a top student was priceless (certificate by request).


One of my favourites are: The Legend Of Zelda: BOTW, The Last Of Us 1 & 2, Little Big Planet 2, Titanfall 2, Terraria and so on...


Made all by myself with NextJS and Tailwind!